Thursday, October 4, 2007

Migrating from Myspace

I've had my blog on Myspace for a while now, but their blogging service is feeble compared to Blogspot's. I justified leaving it there because of the social networking aspect, but it occurs to me that I don't even use Myspace for that anymore. It's been a long time since I got anything useful out of it. Just an endless line of "Hi, I'm Tina! Will you be my friend? Here's my webcam!" Go take a long walk off a short pier, "Tina," whose real name is more likely Bob or Richard or Horace.

Anyway, I don't blog all that much, but maybe that'll change. Up until now, it's been mostly reflections on significant events that have taken place in my life, and my life has been pretty boring up until now. But things are changing. For the better. Perhaps I'll have a little more to say.

Until the next post,


Rhonda said...

We miss you Sergio!!!

Crystal said...

Good thing your title has spaces cause I thought your blog was called Big Don Life and I didn't get it.

Also, why did you shave your head, you had very nice hair.

Also, Why are you most happy with a fish in your hands?


BigD said...

I miss you guys, too. :(

You know, I never liked my hair. When it was long, it looked funny. When it was short, it looked funny. I look at pictures where I had hair and, in retrospect, I look like a q-tip. My head seems to be too big for hair to work right on me.

Don't knock fish-holding until you've tried it. Go to the store now, buy a trout or a perch or a red snapper (I wouldn't recommend salmon or tuna, too large to hold easily, just doesn't have the same effect), sit in a quiet room with the lights dimmed, and just... hold it.

You'll be a convert. Guaranteed. You'll wonder how you ever lived without fish-holding in your life.

Crystal said...

Oh, red snapper! Very tasty!

The Author said...

I left MySpace blogging for that reason as well. There's a certain amount of vanity in being able to see who has subscribed to your blog but it does not outweigh the seriously lacking software.

And I was tired of all the phishing, band spam, comic spam and pedophiles.