Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Who I Am

There's a song by Switchfoot called "This Is Your Life." The lyrics are, in part, "This is your life, are you who you wanna be?" The song got me thinking. Am I who I want to be? Who am I, for that matter? I guess I'm a lot of things. I had to make a list.

I am:
  • A follower of the Lord Jesus Christ
  • A student of those who have something to teach me
  • A teacher to those who have something to learn from me
  • An uncle
  • A son
  • A brother
  • A friend
  • A writer
  • A musician
  • A poet
In short, I am what the Lord, in His grace, has made me. What more could I hope to be? As I've no doubt mentioned, it is my prayer that He will one day make me a husband and a father, but if He doesn't, I'm OK with that. As long as I am who He wants me to be, then I am who I want to be.

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