Monday, January 14, 2008

My Dog, the Goofball

Galen, being a boxer, doesn't have a tail. He has what I like to call a nubbin, or a nub for short (for short... get it? short? never mind).

Not having a real tail has never stopped him from trying to wag what little bit of tail he has. Like a normal dog, he wags his nub frequently, especially when he's being spoken to in a loving manner. Or, really, when he's being spoken to at all. Especially by me. What's really funny is when he's leaning his butt against me, as he so often does on the couch or when he hops up in my bed. Then, when he wags his nub, he pokes me with it repeatedly, often tickling me in the process.

This morning, as I was waking up, he was in precisely that position. Just for fun, I started messing with him.

"Galen." He looked back at me. *poke, poke, poke* "I love you." *poke, poke, poke, poke*

This played out exactly the same way several times, with me laughing hysterically each time, and him cocking his head at me, wondering what the heck was so funny.

These are the moments I'll cherish forever. :)


Bristol Crowne said...

When Jodee gets excited she does the same thing. We call her "Wiggle Nubs".

Sunny said...

OH!!!!! I miss Galen.